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Clinical Supervision

Heather is an approved clinical supervisor of counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists, including those in training. She brings a wealth of clinical supervisory experience in a variety of settings - spanning private practice, schools and colleges,  and for NHS professionals. Her approach is:

  • formative - facilitating continuing professional development

  • normative - seeking to foster ethical standards and practice in the wider profession

  • restorative - supportive of the individual in challenging situations

Pastoral Supervision

Pastoral Supervision is a service for those in ministry in the church - such as parish priests, lay workers, senior leaders / clergy, or those with diocesan  or other senior responsibilities, across all denominations. It is a regular space (typically monthly / bi-monthly) in which work situations and relationships can be thought about, challenges and conflicts worked through and resolved, difficult feelings considered. The demands of ministry can be intense, and this is a skilled space in which the needs of the minister can also be held in mind. Heather has worked  with various church denominations and brings  a depth of experience to this work.

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