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Frequently Asked Questions

What times are sessions available?

Normally sessions are offered between 7.30am and 4.30 pm. By arrangement, evening appointments may be available.

Session normally last 50 minutes.

ISTDP sessions may be longer (90 minutes).


Details of fees will be provided on initial enquiry.

Reduced fee spaces may be available from time to time.

How long will therapy last?

This will be discussed at the initial consultation. Some people have only a few sessions, while others are seeking longer-term psychotherapy.

How frequent are the sessions?

 Your particular circumstances will be taken into consideration at our first meeting and we will agree a frequency that suits your needs.


In the case of long-term depth psychotherapy,(analysis) some people attend twice or three times per week.

Do you work with children? 

I see adults, however I include teenagers over the age of 16.

What code of ethics do you abide by?

Those published by my professional organisations: BPC and WMIP

Is my personal data protected?

Confidentiality is at the heart of ethical psychotherapy and is integrated with care and attention into all of my practice

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