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Why Coaching?

     Individual coaching may offer senior executives the opportunity to achieve the following: 

  •   Develop self-confidence and maximise 'leadership presence'.

  •   Inspire and motivate followers, creating loyalty and commitment.

  •   Develop excellent 'emotional intelligence' - self-awareness, self- management, empathy and relationship-building.

  •  Improve interpersonal skills - including influencing, motivating, presenting, resolving conflict and delivering bad news.

  •  Refine networking and business development skills.

  •   Increase capacity to influence and obtain real 'buy-in' from stake-holders.

  •  Build high-performance teams that are truly 'more than the sum of their parts'.

  • Performance-manage effectively through the ability to have 'difficult conversations' and to recognise and acknowledge success.

  • Coach and mentor for performance and development.

  • Undertake successful succession planning.

  • Manage complex relationships - including managing upwards.

  • Understand and lead others through the psychological impact of organisational change.

  • Delegate effectively.

  • Manage workload, handle stress, ensure work/life balance.

  • Refocus career.

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